* I'm a system Engineer.
* so I write some code to show my love to you.
Boy i = an ordinary person ,not good not bad ("boy");
Girl u = girl(She is a good kind girl ("girl");
// Nov 07, 2013, I told you I love you.
// Hold your hand, every morning and evening
// hold your hand, waiting for tomorrow.
var reason=i.ask(u);
// hold your hand, through life, hold your hand, generation after generation.
Very happy with you through every minute, the hope can make you when every happy,.
// think of your name, feel, look forward to working with you again!!
// Meet always nodded, want to say is hard to say.
// the line of sight intersects the moment, I feel your tenderness.
boolean isAccept = false;
while (isAccept) {
// If loving you is wrong, I don't want to;
// if is equivalent to leave you, I would like to keep for a lifetime.
isAccept = u.thinkOver();

//Is lonely in you, in you, please whisper my name.And said: he is missing me, I lives in the world in a person at heart.


girl, I will have fallen in love with you for click me if accept me
Love u forever and ever.
- boy